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How to be Fearless, Phenomenal and Focused leader!

Young Adults,

Motivational Speaker

Set a Date for Kathy's Energetic, Funny and Motivational Message on the Benefits of Youth Leadership in Shaping Young Adults


Kathy Has Refined Her Leadership Tools Developing Over 650 Young Adult Leaders that Have Successfully led more than 350,000 Young Adults!


Kathy's workshops and private sessions continue to form today's new leaders with a personal touch and dedication to every client

"By far, the best content I have  ever come across for first time leaders"
- Jeffrey Moore / Director, The University of San Diego Speakers Bureau

Over 650 Successful

Young Adult Leaders

Trained by Kathy

...and counting!


Top Thought-LeadersShare Their Secrets for Living an Extraordinary Life

Just Out! Kathy shares her perspectives on Experiential Learning as a key contributor to fulfilling your roles with others



Powerful Principles

for Young Adult Leadership

In Kathy's newly published motivational book for young adults, she clearly and effectively defines what it takes to be a successful - and happy, leader among peers

The fact Kathy trained that many young adult leaders - and then managed them as they led more 350,000 - is just a remarkable dedication to today's youth, and a substantial endorsement of the tools and techniques she offers in her books, coaching and speaking engagements.

Kathy Graves Farley has selected and trained so many young adult leaders that there is truly no one else like her. In both, her new book and her popular speaking engagements for high schools and universities, Kathy shares with those considering - or committed to - this bold experience in the true essence of leadership today.

Her tools, teams and projects have made taking on this challenge right for those she has worked with, trained and supervised over more than 25 years.


Many of Kathy’s leaders have served the more than 350,000 youth at her science camps, then gone on to lead everything from companies to government, and charities to sports teams. All proof that her promise of both magnificent growth, and providing the secrets to you for enjoying a team, a process, and the projects that bring about proud accomplishments are al being realized everyday.


Kathy’s electric presence, great sense of humor and straight-to-the-point approach leaves no doubt that leadership is an excellent path to self-actualization and realizing one’s potential for the greater good. So take the first step towards having the best leadership skills from the start, and the best outlook on turning potential into successes for everyone involved

~ • ~

Kathy offers her unique insights gleaned from training, managing and mentoring 650 young adult leaders that motivated

more than 350,000 youth! And she does it with humor, motivation

and purpose

"Kathy is a person who inspires and leads others to greatness! Her ideas are proven for producing results! She is on a mission to make a positive difference in
the lives of others!"

- Patty Aubery, #1 New York Times Best-Selling Author of Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul.


Past President of Chicken Soup for the Soul, and Current President of the Jack Canfield Companies

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