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30 Years Leading Young Adult Leaders

From an early age, Kathy has possessed a profound interest in proving she can do anything she sets her mind to, and quickly learned that doing things right was the only way to do them. A family friend and neighbor told her she was capable of any job she wanted to do, and took Kathy under his wing; his entrepreneurial spirit was contagious! Through his mentorship, she was able to work for his firm as a young adult, and learned the importance of focus, a willingness to grow and change. Setting the bar higher with every accomplishment are his lasting lessons still present in all of her efforts.  Kathy has proven herself worthy of authority with every accomplishment since.


When Kathy married, she became focused on the importance of family and this too became central to her leadership style. There are some hard lessons in life, too, and Kathy then found herself as a single mom In the early 1990’s, and living in the mountains of Southern California needing a job. She began searching for anything that could pay the rent and put food on the table for both her and a baby, and it was simply fate that put her in an administrative position at the outdoor science school that would become her passion. It’s family-like atmosphere, nurturing environment and love for the joy of kids told her, “I belong here. I’ll do everything I can for this place.”


Over 25 years, she developed the camp into a staple of youth education in Southern California. This extensive commitment to the science camp made Kathy the leader of leaders for young adults  and she still is today.


When Kathy took over the camp, she realized that the standing 80% turnover in her staff would make her life miserable; there was a tad too much drama amongst the young leaders, too. She committed herself to ending both by successfully training and creating opportunities for every person joining her staff. Her training manuals, curriculums and leadership styles were all coordinated to create the best possible experiences for the team… and she would expect the best from them in return. Within three years, her attrition was just 20% with the scores of seasonal cabin leaders and naturalist teachers. The positive reviews and reputation for the camp surged, and Kathy’s programs for leadership continued to work brilliantly as staff sizes grew. In her near 30-year tenure as owner of Arrowhead Ranch, Kathy trained, motivated, mentored, led, and supported almost a thousand young adult leaders that would impact the lives of a staggering 350,000+ grade school kids; it is simply an astounding number of lives shaped by her philosophies of team, caring, success and leadership. 


In her book amazing book, Young Adults KRUSHING IT! Kathy has published her lessons in a motivational context that  takes the “scary” out of leadership and empowers young people for great accomplishments and self-actualization, setting them on a confident path for life. With her knowledge through tens of thousands of hours spent developing young leaders is present in every page. She also shares her high energy, positive and humorous approach to experiential learning in speaking engagements at colleges and high schools across the USA. And her commitment also continues in personal coaching and workshops for young leaders 18 to 28  years in age.


Kathy encourages you to reach out to her for a warm conversation about the importance of putting the right things in place for first-time leaders. Her process in mentoring and leading is seen in the success that graduates of her training have proven time and again! 

  • • •

The Kathy with  “K” story.


It’s quite simple...


When I was quite young I was always asked if I was a “K” Kathy or a “C”Cathy. There was a black and white comic strip character name Cathy that came in the papers every Sunday. I was too young to get the jokes, but the comic strip Cathy spelled her name with a “C” and had dark hair so, being quite young and impressionable, I thought all of the girls with dark hair spelled Cathy with a C, so all of us blondes must be with spell it with a "K"!


Later in life when I came onboard at the outdoor science school, the staff had a tradition of nick names and there I was, blurting out that I was "Kathy with a K”. It became a thing and stuck! I hear it everywhere to this day. I still announce when asked that I’m Kathy with a “K,” and that is a very good reason to call my first book KRUSHING IT!... with a "K"  :) 

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