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Kerry Shean-Dewey (Cont'd)

USC Rossier School of Education, 1991

" Kathy’s book outlines the history of leadership, the characteristics of a good leader, how

to be a good leader, the communication styles of good leaders, and so much more!

Moms and Dads: are you getting any of this sort of content/advisement sent home with

your young adult from your local high school? My guess is that you are not, but do not

fret: Kathy has compiled an entire book full of useful information and tried and true

methods to guide your child toward excelling with stellar leadership tools and lessons.

Kathy explains that every leader must lead themselves first, and that includes taking

care of their health. Kathy goes on to list for our children all of the healthy habits that

strong leaders adopt and thrive with once established. Trust me: this chapter alone

could be a book that every parent will want to give their young adult before high school

and college.

Lucky for you, as you read Kathy’s latest book, you will get to learn about what makes

her approach to guiding young adults toward strong leadership skills so special and so

necessary for

our children. Kathy makes sense of so many parts of leadership that no one is

explaining to your child, this is essential information for every young adult who wishes to

be taken seriously by their peers, classmates, workmates, future professors and future



If you feel LOST in the area of teaching your child impactful leadership skills: Look no

further, “Young Adults Krushing It” by Kathy Graves Farley has FOUND you! "

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